About Us

Smirthwaite Ireland is the official distributors of Smirthwaite products in Ireland. this means that customers in Ireland will be able to buy Smirthwaite products, such as the Heathfield chair, directly from us in Ireland.

We have been designing, manufacturing and selling equipment for children and young people with special needs for nearly 30 years.

In that time, we have discovered that a great deal of the equipment available for special needs children is complex, difficult to use and expensive to maintain. We are firm believers in well-made products that are easy to use and, importantly, can stand the test of time.

After a great deal of close consultation with therapists, children and parents, we established exactly what our products should be doing; consequently, our designs provide numerous clinical benefits whilst also promoting social inclusion and independence.

We do more than simply manufacture the products; we offer solutions. Our dedicated Product Advisors are on hand to provide free, no-obligation assessments and will work with you and your child to find the very best solution to their needs. We will even be happy to alter our products to suit your child’s requirements should it be necessary.

Book an assessment with us today by calling 021 48242225 or completing our contact form

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