Combi Toileting Chair

Combi Toileting Chair

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Total versatility in one chair

The Combi Toileting chair is a great starter chair. Its design enables it to be used as a supportive chair whilst at the same time providing numerous features to assist with your child’s toileting needs.

The Combi Toileting chair incorporates a potty for younger children that can easily be removed to provide a commode seat for children who have progressed their toilet training.

The Combi Toileting chair comes complete with potty, plastic commode seat, seat pad and pelvic strap.  There is also an option of fixed or height adjustable arms.

  • An ideal potty chair for progressive toileting

  • Highly adjustable

  • Easy to clean – surfaces have anti-microbial properties

  • Range of accessories

  • Available in 4 sizes

  • 2 years warranty as standard*

  • Codes 7551-7554 (adjustable arms), 7556-7559 (fixed arms)




* Please see Terms & Conditions